St Martin’s Centre Nursery


St Martin’s Centre Nursery

St Martin’s Centre Nursery is judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, we provide high quality teaching and learning by following the Early Years Statutory Framework, we nurture each child by providing a happy and safe environment.

 Our Curriculum Aims in Early Years

At St Martin’s Centre Nursery, we believe children deserve the best start in life, we are committed to making the child the centre of our work. We provide a safe, caring, stimulating and exciting environment for children to explore and achieve. We support children to develop confidence to ‘have a go’ themselves, ask for support when they need it and develop independence to learn by trial and error.

We provide opportunities for our children to:

  • Explore, enjoy, learn and practise new skills and understanding.
  • Develop the confidence and disposition to achieve.
  • To exercise opinions and express ideas, make discoveries and engage in firsthand experiences.
  • Support and enhance children’s learning to ensure they make good progress over time.

Through these opportunities we want our children to:

  • Be happy, active, independent, confident and curious learners.
  • Feel valued, respected and included.
  • Be challenged and excited with a real desire to find out more.

 We will:

  • Follow the Early Years statutory Framework.
  • Provide high quality teaching and learning.
  • Provide opportunities that are both adult-led and child initiated.
  • Deliver flexible teaching and learning.
  • Nurture each child by providing a happy, safe environment.
  • Build relationships with parents and carers and foster their crucial role.

Our nursery operates term time only for children aged 2-5yrs, free places are available, for more information please contact or Tel no. 0191 276 4002